Our Company

Family Owned and Operated

Wilson Burial Vault is a family owned and operated business located in Huntington, Indiana. The business was born July 6, 1984 at the H. Eugene Mattern Estate auction. Everett Wilson and his two sons, Gregory and Garland, bought the National Cement building on 367 Byron Street in downtown Huntington as well as various manufacturing equipment and inventory.

We started out serving just one funeral home and manufactured vaults by shoveling the sand, stone, and aggregate by hand into a cement mixer. In the beginning we were using our pick-up trucks and second-hand trailers to get the vaults to the cemeteries.

Because of our commitment to quality products and services, business grew and by 1988 we were able to purchase an additional building to store our trucks and trailers. We were soon able to get larger more powerful trucks and updated our trailers to make the process more efficient. We also bought an adjacent plot of land for additional storage. By 1990, we were able to add a cement batching system. This system digitally controls the weight of stone and cement being used in the manufacturing process.

In the summer of 1999, we had the opportunity to buy a 25,000 square foot building located on five acres on the edge of Huntington. This was formerly the Millington Truck Body company. The building provided us with two offices, a large garage for our trucks and trailers, a ventilated painting room, and one giant open area in which to set up our manufacturing process. Our new location has made things much easier. How nice to have everything under one roof instead of spread out among three different buildings!

Due to the growing demand in our region, in September of 2000, Wilson Burial Vault expanded to include Wilson Crematory. This has been a real asset. We perform more and more cremations every year.

2014 Gregory Wilson retired. Josh and Jenica (Wilson) Bauer purchased the business from Greg.

2016 Expanded the crematory to be more capable of doing more cremations. PurchasedĀ a walk-in cooler capable of holding 30 bodies to be installed in the spring of 2017.

2017 Recreated the image of the company. Designed a new logo, newly designed website, adding a new roof to the building while also redoing five of our garage doorways and adding siding to the building changing the look of our property.

We currently serve over 25 funeral homes and cemeteries and manufacture a full line of burial vaults. Our vaults range from a basic concrete grave box to a plastic lined top seal to a bronze lined top seal. We hold every vault, from the most basic to the top of the line, to the same high standard of quality. The Wilson family owes much of our success to our employees and family providing a quality service and quality product at a time of loss.